Meet CBD Life Owners

We are Alexandra & Dave Roehr-Gittleson, and we made a conscious decision over 5 years ago to create a life that was more balanced, healthy, abundant, and joyful. That decision has led us to create a life that consists of all these components and more. Through our creation of a Self-Healing Lifestyle, we have been able to cure and overcome a variety of diseases and ailments that were affecting us:

  • social anxiety
  • depression
  • eczema
  • migraines
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • constant infections
  • digestive issues…just to name a few.

We were in our early 30’s and refused to accept the fact that this was the ‘normal’ process of getting older. We refused to believe that we would need to be on medications for the rest of our lives and this was a just part of life. We were way too young and had way too much to accomplish in this world!

So we decided to take a step back and allowed ourselves to discover in what areas in our lives we had an imbalance. We had the willingness to change our mindset, our diet, our careers, our personal relationships, etc. and little by little we started to see changes in our lives!

In the end, we discovered that what was truly needed was a Lifestyle Change!

CBD Life Store Owners Alex & Dave

About CBD Life Store

CBD Life “Find Your Balance” is a Wholistic Retail Space in Carlsbad, California, a coastal town in San Diego County that focuses on products and services to help a person down their journey of Self-Healing. The store offers different all natural products that can be used for different aspects of a person’s life (Mind, Body, Spirit):

  • 100% Hemp based CBD products
  • Herbs & Supplements
  • Nutrition Information/tools
  • All natural beauty products (skin care, oral care, etc.)
  • Tools for meditation
  • Energy Services from a variety of different practitioners, etc.
  • Classes and workshops will also be offered by different practitioners to help supplement many of the products and other aspects of Mind, Body, Spirit health.

All products that are sold in CBD Life are products whose companies are doing their part to offer the best quality products in their industry and who offer Education and Resources to the end consumer.

The goal of our store is to hold space and be a platform for our customers to explore the different aspects of their health and discover what areas they feel they can make positive changes for their Self-Healing Lifestyle.