Ojai Organics CBD Coconut Oil – 5 fl. oz.




Over the last few years, Coconut oil has become a staple in human health. Coconut oil is a very versatile oil that has been shown to offer healing benefits for the immune system, skin, hair, digestion, etc. The unique thing about coconut oil is that it can be consumed orally and applied topically.

The combination of Coconut oil with Ojai Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD oil provides a unique oral and topical application of two superfoods. Hemp CBD oil contains an optimal ratio of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids and Coconut oil contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid; which research has shown to provide potential natural health benefits for the body.

Ojai Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD oil is combined with Bio-dynamically Grown, Raw, Virgin, and Cold Expeller pressed coconut oil. Each 5oz jar contains 60mg of CBD that can be consumed or applied topically. This Hemp CBD Coconut oil has a creamy taste and can be mixed into smoothies, used as a spread, combined into a salad dressing, etc. Topically some people have used this Hemp CBD coconut oil as a massage oil or placed on a specific area for relief.

Since coconut oil melts easily, it is beneficial to keep the jar in a cool, dry area. More specifically, this coconut oil is raw and the formation of crystals is a natural process and does not affect its potency. Its is also recommended that this product be heated over 300 degrees in order to preserve the CBD content.


Bio-dynamically Grown, Raw, Virgin, and Cold Expeller pressed coconut oil and Hemp based CBD Oil

Use: Consumed as is or applied as an everyday lotion

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